Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Unofficial Promised Neverland Podcast

Ready or not....

Been wanting to do a manga-based podcast for over a year, but all the "good stuff" had enough attention around them that it didn't feel necessary. Then I stumbled upon THIS series. Being a huge fan of Posuka Demizu's art for a while, it was a no-brainer to check out his latest manga (and Shirai Kaiu's debut work)! And to top it off, it's doing pretty freak'n amazing in Shonen Jump's ratings, and deservingly so.

Long-time guest on the AOT! Podcast, Red, coincidentally recommended this series to me after I already started reading it. And with fellow AOT! guest/manga enthusiast Kurtis jumping on board, it looks like we have a show!

We'll review the manga by volumes (three are released so far) and after that we'll stay more current with the series by podcasting every two or three chapters (this series is way too fast paced for just one chapter per episode). Until we get some real content on this site, below is the (swiftly escalating) trailer for the manga from Japan's Shonen Jump channel: